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Man nearly falls down the stairs while trying to navigate clutter

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For the past eight years, residents at Block 652 Woodlands Ring Road have been living with the looming presence of clutter.

Stomper A shared photos showing common areas on the sixth storey – from the staircase landing to the corridor – filled with heaps of items.

In one picture, the route to the staircase is completely blocked by multiple luggages, bags of hangers, clothing, cardboard boxes and multiple chests of drawers.

The situation has persisted for almost a decade despite enforcement action and warning letters to the hoarder responsible for the clutter.

The straw that broke the camel's back? Abhishek said he nearly fell down the stairs on Saturday while trying to get through the clutter. Hence, he decided to share his plight on Stomp.

He said: "I have been complaining about this to the town council for almost eight years and nothing has changed. I feel like nothing is being done and I have kids who are under seven years old in the house. I am writing in to Stomp as I have had enough, after nearly falling down the stairs.

"The interior of the hoarder's house is in a much worse state, with rubbish all over near the entrance.

"Every time the town council comes over, the residents barricade themselves in the house and don't open the door for anyone.

"How is it that even in the instance of police being called, they stand powerless outside the house and just walk away after knocking?

"Can't all this mess be removed? Isn't is against the policy of having at least 1.2m of walkable space available?

"Isn't this much paper and plastic a fire risk for everyone else living on that floor, even if the hoarders have no regard for their own lives?

"How is this allowed and why has almost a decade of complaints led to no action?

"This is no way for anyone to live. If the hoarder wants to hoard, they should confine that habit to the interior of their flat. Other residents shouldn't have to tiptoe around the mess when we want to use basic amenities like staircases."

In response to a Stomp query, Sembawang Town Council said it has been in contact with the owner of the clutter.

The town council told Stomp on Wednesday: "We have previously cleared the items along the corridor and taken enforcement action when this problem arose in previous years, but the problem resurfaced again.

"We had approached her most recently since around August 2022 and while she was not cooperative initially, she had since requested for more time to clear her items during our last visit to her on December 14, 2022.

"We will be serving her another warning letter on January 5 to remove her items by January 10. If the items are not cleared by then, our contractors will be activated to clear the items without further reference to her."

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