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Man stuck in condo toilet says he was told to pay for damages after breaking door lock

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Trapped in a condominium toilet, a man found he had no choice but to break the faulty door lock in order to get out.   

After he was freed, however, he alleged that security personnel at Oxley Residence in Oxley Road contacted him and said he had to pay for the broken lock. 

The man posted a TikTik video that documented some of the moments he spent in the stuffy facility. In the video, he said he shouted for help, albeit in vain, and his phone could not get a signal. 

He was freed some one-and-a-half hours later, thanks to the help of passers-by who discovered he was trapped. 


I was locked in toilet for 1 and half hr!!! Management still ask me to pay for the broken lock :((

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Speaking to AsiaOne, the man, who wanted to be known by his social media handle QmaoJunYong, said he was at the condo for a balloon sculpting event.

The 32-year-old events planner entered the toilet at the condo’s car park at around 12.30pm.

"I wasn't scared at first. But after trying to unlock it for 30 minutes, I began to panic. The place was so quiet and there was no signal or reception."

The video shows him drenched in sweat and panting as he breaks the lock using a pole and a balloon pump he had with him. But even after the door handle came off, the lock remained stubbornly jammed.

"I don't know how long I can last [in here]. My event started 15 minutes ago," he says in the video, which also shows him slipping a piece of tape with the word “Help” on it under the door. 

While his client at the balloon sculpting event was understanding, QmaoJunYong said he was surprised to get a phone call from “condo security” requesting that he pay for the damages to the toilet door.

"I told him that there was a life at stake! I felt that [telling me to pay up] is not right,” he said.

"I don't know how much I need to pay, but I hope they will take pity on me."

TNP is contacting the Oxley Residence Management Office for more details, and updates to the story.  

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