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Music teacher jailed for oral 
sex with teen in public toilet

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A freelance music teacher who performed oral sex on a 13-year-old student was jailed for two years and four weeks yesterday.

Chan Hock, 53, admitted to performing oral sex on the boy in a public toilet at Tiong Bahru Park on Aug 27 last year.

He also admitted to having a hard disk containing 2,835 obscene films in his home on Sept 9 the same year.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Jesintha Veijayaratnam told District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt that the boy was using the public toilet in Redhill MRT station on Aug 27 last year.

Chan, who was leaning against the wall facing the urinals, moved to a urinal next to him and began staring at him.

Chan then followed the victim out of the toilet and struck up a conversation with him.

The boy told Chan his name and age but gave him a fake address. Chan then suggested that they take a walk together.

During the 20-minute walk to Tiong Bahru Park, Chan put his arm around the victim's shoulder and touched him.

He then led the victim to a public toilet and nudged him into a cubicle for the handicapped. There, he molested the boy, who did not stop him. Chan then performed oral sex on the victim.

When Chan stood up and removed his belt, the victim stopped him, the deputy public prosecutor said. The boy did not want to reciprocate, and when Chan asked if he was sure, the boy said yes.

The victim lodged a police report the next day. Chan was arrested on Sept 9 after his identity was established through closed-circuit television footage. His DNA was also found on the teen's clothes, ears and chest.

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