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Neighbour's renovation works leave woman's home in shambles

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Just when she thought the ordeal was over, a home owner was upset to learn that the renovation of her new neighbour's unit will be extended until Nov 27.

Her nearly two-month ordeal started from Sept 29, Madam Chen told Shin Min Daily News. She lives with her mother and niece at Block 117A Jalan Tenteram in the Balestier vicinity.

"It was a nightmare from day one," she recounted. "I returned home at around 3pm to loud sounds of banging and drilling. I could even feel the tremor from the floor."

Madam Chen, 54, said she had a bigger shock when she walked into the bedroom.

"Items like my cosmetics and some decorations had dropped onto the floor. And when I went to the toilet, the mirror that was hanging on the wall had also dislodged and dropped off," she said. "I even cut myself while I was cleaning up the debris."


Upset at the situation, she complained to the HDB, but a check with the authorities and a notice put up at the block indicated that the renovation works would take about a month.

"I could only endure it since it was a legitimate application," said Madam Chen. "For a whole month, I tolerated the noise. The workers were at it six days a week, from 9am to 6pm."

She added: "Sometimes, they would carry on until 8pm, beyond the permitted hours. There were several times when I had to approach the workers to get them to stop."

Madam Chen is now upset to find out that the renovation works had been delayed.

"I recently found out through the OneService app that the end date would now be Nov 27. It has been two months since, and the air-conditioner has not been installed yet. I wonder what will be next and how long more would I have to endure," she lamented.

In a message response to Shin Min, the contractor said Madam Chen could inform the relevant authorities over the dispute with her neighbour.

"We are properly registered and have kept to the rules and regulations," said a spokesman. "Unless there is a feedback submitted to the authorities, we would not conduct any investigation."

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