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New interactive exhibits at Gardens by the Bay

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The sight of 334 large inflated egg-shaped lights floating on the Dragonfly Lake at Gardens by the Bay will surely enthral passers-by.

When people touch the oval structures perched on the lake's boardwalk, the lights change colours and each egg emits a musical note depending on its colour.

The floating eggs - a work titled Autonomous Resonating Life On The Water And Resonating Trees - is one of seven interactive exhibits at Gardens by the Bay's new art exhibition #futuretogether.

The temporary exhibition, launched in conjunction with the Singapore Bicentennial, includes both outdoor and indoor elements.

Another outdoor exhibit is at the lattice structure beside the Floral Fantasy attraction. At dusk, a blooming sea of flowers is projected onto the lattice. When people stand nearby, more projected flowers will begin to bloom around them.

The exhibits at the Dragonfly Lake and the lattice will be open to the public from this Sunday. The rest of the exhibition will open on Jan 16 and run until March 15.


Outdoor exhibits are free while entry to the indoor section of the exhibition is free for Singapore residents and $10 for non-residents.

Indoor installations include Animals Of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives - an interactive digital installation of projected animals made of flowers.

When visitors touch the animals, the petals scatter, causing the animals to disintegrate slowly and re-form elsewhere.

Another indoor exhibit is called Flowers Bloom In An Infinite Universe Inside A Teacup.

In the exhibit, which is designed to look like a tea room, each visitor is seated and a cup of tea is poured in front of them. Projected flowers bloom within each teacup and disperse when the cup is moved.

The room can accommodate 32 visitors at a time and entry costs $3 for Singaporeans and $7 for foreigners. This cost is separate from the exhibition's entrance ticket.

Gardens by the Bay chief executive Felix Loh said the exhibition celebrates a special year in Singapore's history.

"It is an honour for Gardens by the Bay to be the place where Singaporeans cap off the bicentennial with a magical light and sound experience," he added.

The exhibition is jointly presented by Gardens by the Bay and global investment company GIC, with artworks produced by teamLab.