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PM Lee on Singapore's strategy in Covid-19 fight

This article is more than 12 months old

PM Lee addressed the nation for the second time yesterday amid the worsening global Covid-19 situation.

He touched on the spread of the viral disease around the world and Singapore's strategy to deal with the outbreak. Here are some snippets from his remarks.


"We expect more imported cases, and therefore new clusters and new waves of infection, this time coming from many countries rather than one or two... We will have to tighten up further temporarily, though we cannot completely shut ourselves off from the world."


"The World Health Organisation (WHO) named one key reason for the rapid spread: many countries had not taken the situation seriously enough... Here in Singapore, we have all along taken Covid-19 with the utmost seriousness. In fact, the WHO praised our efforts and held Singapore up as an example to emulate."


"We will help our companies with their costs and cash-flow, to keep them afloat through the storm. We will help our workers keep their jobs, and retrain during their downtime, so that when things return to normal, our workers will be the first out of the gate, and immediately productive. And we will give those who are retrenched and unemployed, as well as their families, an extra helping hand to see through this difficult period."


"Singapore's response has received international accolades. Underlying this is the social and psychological resilience of our people. What makes Singapore different from other countries is that we have confidence in each other, we feel that we are all in this together, and we do not leave anyone behind. This is SG United, we are SG United."