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Scalpers selling Taylor Swift tickets for $3,000; tuition centre will reward students with tix

You can also buy access codes to "join" the sale

It was always inevitable. 

After the UOB presale of tickets on June 5 for Taylor Swift's upcoming Singapore concerts were snapped up in just three hours, it didn’t take long for scalpers to emerge on Carousell. 

As early as 2pm the same day, Cat 1 tickets for Swift's "The Eras Tour" concert were going for as much as $3,000 – almost ten times the original retail price of $348.

There were cheaper listings of course, but those sellers were clearly in high demand. One seller who put up a $600 listing had to apologise for slow replies, as he was overwhelmed with messages.

Others were a little more savvy, listing tickets at a starting price of $480, but stating that the sale would go only to the highest bidder. 


VIP packages, priced up to $1,228, were being sold for as much as $10,000.

Desperate buyers flooded Carousell with "Willing To Buy" posts, which detailed the types of tickets they were looking to purchase.

But what takes the cake are sellers who sold not tickets – but access codes that will allow a buyer to simply participate in the general sale – on July 7 – and purchase up to four tickets.

One seller, for instance, was hawking his access code for $380.



Tuition Centre

Meanwhile, a tuition centre is giving away a pair of Taylor Swift concert tickets to students who top an upcoming economics test.

The tuition centre, ETG Economics, which specialises in A-Level and IB economics, managed to procure a number of tickets to the shows. 

In a TikTok video on July 5, the centre showed how it secured a number of tickets using multiple phones to sign into the queue. 

@etgecons it was a CRUEL SUMMER but we won THE GREAT WAR ‼️ now it's your turn to do well for econs ✨ #tstheerastour #jctok #taylorswift #taylorsversion ♬ Screaming crying throwing up Blank Space edit - Cowboy Han

In response to comments on how to get the tickets, ETG Economics replied with a link to register for their courses:


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