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Scoot, Golden Village hit by complaints 
of bedbugs from customers

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Low-cost carrier Scoot and cinema chain Golden Village (GV) are under the microscope, after being hit by a rash of complaints from customers last week saying they had been bitten by bedbugs.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Scoot passenger Jiamin Han said she went on a day trip to Hong Kong on Aug 8 and was left with "a cluster of bedbug bites".

She said she had flown on flights TR-2062 and TR-2069, and noticed the bites on her arms and back after she returned. Ms Han also said there had been a previous alleged incident of bedbugs on a Scoot flight and that the airline had ignored her messages about it.

Meanwhile, cinema patron Debra Low, 28, posted a complaint on GV's Facebook page on Friday afternoon about the bugs at two of its cinemas, showing a photo of bumps on her skin.

A GV spokesman said the cinema chain blocked the affected seats once it received Ms Low's feedback.

She added that there were no bedbugs detected and that Ms Low had been informed.

GV said it responded the same way in another case reported in July, where also "there were no bugs detected".

It said preventive treatment was conducted on the affected areas in both cases and added that a pest control unit conducts monthly inspections for all its cinemas.

Scoot, meanwhile, has apologised to Ms Han and said it is investigating the alleged incident.

In response to queries from ST, a Scoot spokesman said: "We regularly clean and disinfect our seats to ensure a pleasant and clean cabin experience for our guests."

The spokesman added that the previously reported case had already been investigated, and there were no bedbugs on the plane.

"Regardless, we take this seriously and are currently investigating after having got in touch with the guest for more details." 


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