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Senja Road murder: Quiet, friendly couple had explosive argument

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Wife, 26, arrested in connection with the case

A quiet couple, an explosive quarrel at midnight, then the husband is found dead.

Mr Gordon Yeo, 33, is believed to have died of slash and stab wounds.

The New Paper understands that his wife, Ms Vivien Teoh, 26, has been arrested in connection with the case, which the police have classified as murder.

While the police are investigating, the incident has shocked the couple's neighbours.

What happened in the 15th-storey flat at Block 636B, Senja Road in Bukit Panjang, early yesterday morning that led to such a sudden and tragic end?

A neighbour from an adjacent unit said that he ran into the couple and their daughter at their block's void deck at about 8pm on Sunday.

The neighbour said nothing seemed out of the ordinary with the family, which he described as "quiet but friendly".

While watching television around midnight, the neighbour heard quarrelling from the Yeo's unit. Although he could not make out what the argument was about, he said it was heated and full of shouting.

The quarrelling stopped after 10 minutes.

At about 12.30am, the neighbour heard the Yeo's flat door opening, after which the shouting started once more. He heard a loud banging sound before everything fell silent again.

Curious, the neighbour looked through his flat's peephole.

After a few minutes, he saw Ms Teoh leaving the flat carrying their one-year-old daughter. They headed for the lift.

It was only later, when the police arrived, did the neighbour find out that Mr Yeo had died.

When The New Paper reached the block at about 2.20am yesterday, part of the corridor on the 15th storey had been cordoned off by the police.

Forensic officers were seen examining lift doors, ledges and a rubbish chute. A few officers were standing guard. An open area about 50m away from the block was also cordoned off and officers were seen combing it.


When TNP returned to the scene at about 9am, the police had already cleared both the 15th storey and the open area that was cordoned off earlier.

Other neighbours told TNP that Mr Yeo and his family had moved into their unit only about five months ago.

They also described the family as being quiet, saying that Mr Yeo and his wife kept to themselves but would still greet their neighbours.

Mr Yeo's next-door neighbour, Mr Amar Umar, 31, was surprised to find out about Mr Yeo's death.

"Since our first conversation, when they moved in in March, they did not talk much but they were always friendly," he said.

Mr Amar added that he had never sensed any trouble brewing between Mr Yeo and his wife.

He described the family as loving and invited them to his flat during Hari Raya in July.

According to Mr Yeo's LinkedIn account, he worked as the vice-president of business development at IT company Quix Creations.

Ms Teoh's social media accounts indicate that she works at the Ministry of Social and Family Development as a human resource executive.

Police said they found Mr Yeo's body after responding to a call for assistance at 12.58am. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene at 1.19am yesterday.

Police said Ms Teoh will be charged today.

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