SPH launches ‘wide-ranging’ joint business plan with Google

This article is more than 12 months old

Media and property group Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) has launched a "wide-ranging" joint business plan with Google.

The partnership will focus on growing digital advertising revenue, boosting subscriptions on new platforms and developing SPH's digital video content business.

The initiative on subscriptions will involve both companies working on reducing churn and experimenting with the delivery of news through video and audio content.

The two companies will also collaborate in the areas of building talent and developing innovation.

Google's training programmes in areas like design-thinking and certifications will also be tapped as part of initiatives to develop leaders within the industry.

SPH, which publishes The Straits Times, The Business Times and The New Paper, said it has had a long-standing relationship with Google.

The launch last year of Google Nest Hub, for example, allows users to get audio and video news feeds from the company's newspapers.

SPH has also implemented Google Analytics 360, which tracks users' behaviour across multiple channels such as apps and websites.

SPH deputy chief executive Anthony Tan said yesterday: "The Covid-19 crisis has brought on new challenges and will require us to adapt to new business and audience requirements and expectations."

The joint business plan reflects the commitment of SPH and Google to deepen their collaboration in identified areas of mutual interests, he noted.

"Besides potential positive business outcomes, a transforming SPH will stand to benefit from enhanced technology and product innovation capabilities through working with Google," Mr Tan added.

"This will further strengthen the sustainability of the digital advertising and news publishing ecosystem where both companies are key stakeholders." - THE STRAITS TIMES