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Thief steals $800 worth of beer in Geylang, caught on CCTV

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The coffee shop proved to be a regular hunting ground for this beer thief.

The boss of a Geylang coffee shop has made a police report after someone allegedly stole six crates of beer on Wednesday (May 17), the latest in a string of beer thefts the shop has had despite having 16 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

The boss of the 24-hour coffee shop at Geylang Lorong 21, who gave her name as Madam Ta, told Shin Min Daily News in a report on Saturday (May 20) that they first discovered a crate of beer missing near midnight on April 11.

They initially thought it was a slip-up in their record-taking, but two other crates went missing within that week.

Although the culprit had been caught on their existing CCTV cameras, the image was not clear, so Madam Ta’s husband bought a new set.

On Wednesday at about 5.45am, a man in a grey top and jeans was captured on the new cameras stealing crate after crate of beer. At that time, the coffee shop had 16 sets of CCTVs installed.

From the CCTV footage, the man appears to be in his 30s to 40s and steals six crates of beer within 40 minutes.

After disappearing, he arrives again at 8.54am that day and brings a trolley with him.

The footage shows him placing five crates of beer on the trolley, reported Shin Min.

However, he is later shown leaving without it, and a staff member notified the bosses that someone had stolen beer.

“My worker immediately ran over and said the beer thief had gone, but we kept the five crates of beer, and my husband called the police after,” said Madam Ta.

She said the total amount of beer stolen was worth $792.

The police on Saturday (May 20) confirmed with The Straits Times that a report was lodged over the matter.

Investigations are ongoing.