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Ultraman's new ally - our own Merliger

And finally, he’s here, the biggest of the big cats, not lion, tiger or even liger, but the Merliger.

He emerges from the sea when Ultraman, our guest superhero-in-residence, faces off against three monsters.

This happens in the last of the three Japanese mini-movies released as part of a Singapore Tourism Board campaign, with Ultraman in action against various monsters in local settings.

The series, Ultraman: A New Power Of Singapore, was produced by the Japanese special effects studio Tsuburaya Productions.

The two monsters Ultraman fought in the earlier episodes reappear here and team up with a third, which looks like a cross between a shark and a narwhal.

This one comes out of the sea at Sentosa, and it has a single horn or tusk that - get this - turns like a screw, threatening to wreak havoc.

But as in the earlier episodes, and breaking with monster-disaster tradition, no damage is done.

As usual the tourists scream and run, with the three monsters converging on Marina Bay.

And then of course Ultraman flies in.

But now it is three against one, and it is he who gets pummelled.

At this point, the Merlion’s eyes flash, and up comes the Merliger, to make common cause with the fallen superhero.


Ultraman gets back on his feet and well, this time you could say it was our own Merliger who saved the day.


And, with the evil ones despatched, it should be safe for the tourists to flock in again.

Except of course…

Ultraman-Merliger team, can fight the far tinier monster that has plagued us for so long?

We look forward to the day that one finally fades away.

Meanwhile, enjoy the action here.