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What do you think of these new school uniforms?

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We've all had a laugh (or 10 perhaps) at the name of the new Eunoia Junior College. Now, we can only imagine what their new school uniform might be like.

Would the uniform stay true to the Greek origins of the school's name and incorporate some sort of Toga style? Time will tell.

Fortunately, we don't have to wait too long to judge the uniforms of the new primary schools.

With their *ahem* creative names (Waterway primary school and Oasis Primary School), The New Paper wondered just how unconventional their uniforms would be.

We picked six relatively new schools, three of which opened only this year while three others accepted students last year, in 2015.

1. Punggol Cove Primary School (2016)

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Punggol Cove Primary School clearly chose comfort over style for their school uniforms - and I dare say it's the wise choice.

The students wear a combination of a black and white polo T-shirt and black shorts. There is no overly adventurous colour scheme and design in place here, and we're sure students (and their parents) are grateful for that.

2. Oasis Primary School (2016)

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I'm a little unsure about this uniform. They clearly took the name "Oasis" very literally as can be seen in its very blue colour scheme.

I only wish that they committed to the colour. The white cut-out looks like it's there because the printer ran out of ink.

The T-shirt also seems to be going for the mandarin collar, which is not that common in school uniforms.

It's a novel look that I wasn't too keen on at first, but I imagine it's better than normal collars, given how stuffy and humid Singapore can be.

3. Waterway Primary School (2016)


Unlike Oasis Primary School, Waterway Primary School, which opened today (Jan 4), clearly didn't look to their name for inspiration when designing their uniform.

It's a pretty normal-looking uniform for a school that has the worst name in this list.

Call me a masochist, but I can't help but wish they were a little more adventurous - maybe experiment with a different colour scheme. 

After all, if you're going to name your school Waterway Primary School, you might as well go all out and at least have a few water motifs.


4. West Spring Primary School (2015)


West Spring Primary School opened its doors to students in 2014 and their uniform resembled a combination of a polo T-shirt and a vest in a colour combination that made me wonder if the designers were colour-blind. Pastel blue and purple, really?

Thankfully, the school has since introduced a new school uniform (below) that was worn today by the Primary 3 pupils.


The school said that the colour and design were voted by students, parents, staff and advisory board members this year.

The electric blue-and-black colour scheme is a lot better and I'm really liking the culottes on the girls. It's practical yet cute. The blue outline also does well to set this school uniform apart from others.

5. Alexandra Primary School (2015)


Alexandra Primary School has the most understated chic uniform among the new schools here, in my opinion.

I like that the polo T-shirts don't look too casual and still resemble a blouse while remaining a comfortable fit for the students.

The students are also wearing black shoes that paired with grey socks.

This detail just makes the uniform pop and stand out from other schools that require students to don white shoes and socks.

6. Spectra Secondary School (2015)


Renowned local designer Ashley Isham designed the uniforms for Spectra Secondary School, which opened in 2015.

I like the white, purple and black combination of the uniform and it looks like it will be comfortable too. 

The pleats on both the shorts and the pants also makes it trendy and fashionable - ensuring that it can be worn well after students have graduated.


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