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When fate is sky-high: Teen forms bond with flight attendant he met 13 years ago

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They met in the skies on a flight from London to Singapore 13 years ago. 

She was a flight attendant, and he was a four-year-old onboard with his parents.

Sandy, along with another flight attendant Alice, made such an impression on little Dominick that he never forgot about them. 

And though they didn't keep in touch or exchange contact information, fate would bring them back together once more – on a flight back to London six years after their first encounter. 

In a video posted on May 2, TikTok user Dominick O’ Donnell shared the story of how he first met Sandy and Alice in 2010.

“I was 4 and migrating from London to Singapore… Sandy and Alice showered me with attention… we goofed around and made lots of memories, “ Dominick wrote in the captions.

“They became embedded in my memory and I was always thought back to them as my childhood heroes.”

Six years later, Sandy and Dominick would meet again – by chance – on a flight back to London. 

She showed him all the photos she had taken during their first meeting, and, of course, gave 10-year-old Dominick the in-flight VIP treatment once again.   

Alice wasn’t on this flight, however, and according to Sandy, she hadn’t seen her since the 2010 encounter.

This time, Sandy and Dominick made sure to exchange their contact details.

Fate struck again in 2022, when the two found themselves in Perth, Australia, at the same time, and the two met for lunch along with Dominick's parents. 

Ending the video, Dominick writes in the caption: “Unfortunately, we still haven't found Alice. So please TikTok, do your magic, help us find Alice and complete the story.” 

Well, ask and ye shall receive. 

As the video chalked up over 200,000 views, it caught the attention of the person he was looking for.

Hours after the video was posted, Alice herself commented on the video, saying, “Hi Dominick… this is Alice”. 

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