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Woman gives birth on way to hospital; second taxi birth for Tada

Ms Jasmine Teo, 32, was in her husband's arms but the pain was so intense she could not help but scream.

The pregnant woman was in a taxi, and driver Victor Albert was racing to get them to hospital in time.

But they were caught in a traffic jam in Bukit Batok Road around 8.30am on Aug 24, and her labour pains grew more severe.

It then dawned on Ms Teo that she might be giving birth in the vehicle.

In a desperate move to get to the National University Hospital in time after they were free of the congestion, Mr Albert broke traffic rules by driving in the bus lanes, but as they were just five minutes away, Ms Teo's water bag broke.

Soon after, the baby crowned, and Mrs Teo gave birth to a girl, weighing about 3kg, in the back seat of the moving cab.

Said Ms Teo, a housewife: "Sitting in the taxi, I was so worried and the pain was so bad I can't describe it - but Albert was so nice."

The moment they arrived at the hospital, Mr Albert ran in to alert the doctors, and a medical team rushed out. The doctor cut the umbilical cord, which was wound around the baby's neck.

Said Mr Albert: "I was in shock and panicking, especially with the mother shouting in pain. But my first thought was to get to the hospital asap. Nothing must happen to them, that was the only thing I thought."

The 60-year-old, a father of two, said: "When I heard the baby crying, I felt very emotional. It was the first time I had heard this. My wife gave birth by Caesarean (section), so I didn't get to see the births of my children."

Ms Teo, who also has an 11-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son, thought her third delivery would be trouble-free.

She had experienced contractions and bleeding the day before, but a check by the doctor in hospital found she was not ready to give birth, so she went back home.

At 7am the next day, when the pain had become unbearable, she woke up her husband Nelson Ho, a 37-year-old deliveryman. He immediately called a private-hire car through ride-sharing app Tada.

In their rush trying to arrange for her mother to take care of their one-year-old, it did not occur to the couple to call for an ambulance.

"I thought we would make it to the hospital; I never thought this would happen," said Ms Teo. "But we're so thankful for the driver."

Mr Albert said: "Thank God everything went safely. That's the most important thing. Baby safe, mother safe.

"I'm shocked, but at the same time happy that I did something good."

Ms Jasmine Teo, 32, with her husband Nelson Ho, 37, and their daughter Jayann. PHOTO: COURTESY OF JASMINE TEO AND NELSON HO


It was the second delivery in a year for Tada, which began operations in Singapore in 2018.

In September 2021, cyclists helped a woman deliver a baby in another Tada car in Upper Thomson Road.

Tada general manager Jonathan Chua said the company was proud of its driver for helping the family.

"We understand that giving birth is an intensely personal experience, and are so pleased that the family was able to have a positive experience."

He said the company has given Mr Albert a hamper of wellness items and fuel vouchers, and reimbursed him for his time and for cleaning services.