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Employers should consider creating video ads to attract the best talent

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If you are wondering why it is so difficult to attract the best talents to apply for your job openings, despite the great offers and perks listed in job advertisements, it might be time to consider more than one channel.

The problem might not lie in your message, but the method in reaching out to your audience.

Considering the growing trend of social hiring, creating your own company video ads should be part of your hiring strategy.

The increasing popularity of YouTube enables companies to post videos to showcase workplace culture and demonstrate how it looks like to be part of a vivacious team.

If you want to move your recruitment process to the next level by creating video ads, here are several elements that you should pay attention to:

Develop a concept

To create great video ads that will catch people's attention, you need to sketch out a concept primarily.

Do you want to make it formal or informal? Serious or casual?

Through the videos, bring out something unique about your business that will pull your talents away from your competitors.

Give a sneak peek of daily activities

Video ads can be a great medium to showcase your office environment.

A common question in the minds of job seekers is "How does it look like to work for the company?"

Therefore, you should include footage that shows how co-workers interact with one another in their daily activities, how the directional meetings look like.

If recreational activities for employees are provided, they should also be shown.

This will greatly help talents to gauge if the company culture suits their individual working style or not.

Include employee testimonials

You might talk great about your company, but without any supporting proof, people might not be convinced.

Including current employee testimonials in the video ads could be an effective method to convince talents about seeking great career advancement opportunities and business prospects working for your brand.

Make it brief and informative

Pay attention to the duration of the video ads.

Take enough time to explain crucial things without losing the talents' interest along the way.

Include vital information about your company in the video, such as website, e-mail, social media and contact person.

Article contributed by TBC HR Consulting (www.tbchr.com)