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Speed up fibre connection process

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As a housing agent, I have encountered situations where an incoming tenant requires a new fibre broadband connection, but cannot get it because the previous tenant did not terminate his fibre broadband connection.

This can lead to a weeks-long delay.

The situation is worse if the previous tenant is uncontactable.

NetLink Trust will terminate the connection only if the landlord informs the previous tenant's service provider.

But it will not tell the landlord which service provider the previous tenant was under, citing the Personal Data Protection Act.

It is a great hassle to then contact each of the four service providers to ask if the tenant was a customer of theirs.

This is a waste of everyone's time.

SP Services requires just three days to do a utility transfer. It can even be done in a day if one pays for express service.

Why does NetLink Trust take such a long time?