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WATCH: Much ado over pizza Part 2: Woman humiliates delivery man, forces him to return $9 tip

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A US woman was fired from her job after a video of her humiliating a pizza delivery man went viral.

Employees at a used car dealership in Massachusetts decided to order pizza on Jan 10.

When the delivery man came with the food, they handed him US$50 (S$66). The bill was a little over US$42.

Delivery man Jarrid Tansey thought the US$7 (S$9) plus change was a tip. The employees, however, wanted all of it back. Fair enough.

But it was how they treated him next which incurred the wrath of netizens.

Nasty exchange

They called him up and told him to drive back to return the money, which he did.

One female employee then told Mr Tansey as he left for the second time: "Hey, out the door before I put my foot in your a**."

Another person shouted: “Get the f****** owner and the manager on the phone, I want that m***********'s job."

It was a nasty exchange, but it would have remained hush-hush - had someone not uploaded a video of the exchange on the Internet.

Mr Tansey claimed the move was intended to humiliate him. If so, it backfired horribly. 

Negative comments

Netizens have rallied around Mr Tansey and even set up a gofundme page for him. It has raised US$31,700 so far. 

F & R Auto Sales, on the other hand, has been bombarded with negative comments and the management has since apologised.

General manager Gary Batista said in a statement that "we would like to publicly apologise for the actions that led to this situation".

He added that the woman has been fired and that the man seen belittling Mr Tansey was not an employee.

"The owner and proprietor will like to offer a cash donation to the delivery man in the video," he said.

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