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Boy, 4, can finally walk again

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A four-year-old boy who lost his legs in an accident two years ago was finally able to walk again. 

Xiao Feng was fitted with prosthetic legs​ at the Hubei Disabled Rehabilitation Centre last month.

When he wears the prosthetic legs for a long period of time, his legs start to hurt. PHOTO: REUTERS

He has been practising walking in them several hours every day, reported Shanghaiist.

The child became an online sensation after a video of him dancing on his hospital bed when viral in February. 




Donations flooded in and his family raised 500,000 yuan (S$107,000) for his medical treatment in just seven hours, reported Mail Online.  

The boy has a severely damaged urinary tract and has developed thick calluses​ on his palms​, which he uses to help himself move around.

Xiao Feng learning to walk with his prosthetic limbs. PHOTO: REUTERS


The prosthetic legs he is currently using is just a temporary set. He will get a proper set sometime this month, after which he will learn to bend his knees and walk by himself, reported Shanghaiist.


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