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Dad to China-born Miss Canada: Stop speaking out

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China-born Anastasia Lin was crowned Miss World Canada on May 16.

Less than a month into her reign, the 25-year-old beauty queen set off a diplomatic firestorm - alleging that China security forces threatened her father because she spoke out on human rights abuses in the country.

Canada is backing their pageant winner, even though her allegations have religious and political implications.

The controversy has netizens wondering: Will Miss Lin's visa for China in December be approved when she has to compete in the finals in China this December?

Miss Lin moved to Canada with her mother 12 years ago.

Her father, who is divorced from her mum, still lives in China's Hunan province with his own family.

Worried for dad's safety

Miss Lin, a University Of Toronto theatre major, told Canadian media that her dad's recent text messages made her worry for his safety.

He had asked her not to speak out anymore about human rights issues in China and threatened to stop giving her "support" should she continue doing so.

Miss Lin had spoken about the persecution of religious minorities in China during the pageant run-up.

CTV News and The Globe And Mail reported that she said that her dad had told her that Chinese security police had threatened him over her outspoken views at the pageant.


This is an excerpt of what he purportedly told her:

"Don't get involved in politics and human rights work you are doing, otherwise I will stop all support to you.

"Whatever you send here that has a political message has been censored.

"Do you know the secret security force has come to me?"

Miss Lin said she tried to call her father after receiving the text, but he refused to speak fearing his phone might be tapped.

The Canadian government is supporting their Miss World, as this statement from the department of Foreign Affaires spokesman Amy Mills showed:

"Canada commends Miss Lin for her efforts to raise awareness regarding these issues.

"Canada is also concerned about allegations that the Chinese government have harassed Miss Lin’s family in China."

Miss Lin, an aspiring actress, has refused to back down in the face of the alleged threats her family in China is facing.

She will still keep speaking out against human rights issues there.

"(I hope) they will just leave my family alone and not bother my father too much...

 "I wanted to be a voice for the voiceless, (and) if I don't speak out then no one is going to speak out."

WATCH: China-born Miss World Canada claims her dad's been threatened by security police in China



Sources: CTV News, The Globe And Mail

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