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Man pays for car with 660,000 yuan in coins

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A man forked out 680,000 yuan (S$147,500) for a car in China's Shenyang city.

What's so unusual about that?

Well, he paid for it with 660,000 yuan in coins and 20,000 yuan in notes.

The coins, which were packaged into 1,320 bundles, weighed a total of about 3,600kg.





The money was taken to the store in the back of a truck.

It took more than an hour for around 10 staff members to unload it, reported Sina news.





The buyer, whose surname is Gan, works at a petrol station. He said that he is usually paid his salary in coins.

CCTV News quoted him as saying: "We have been receiving the coins for nearly three months. As our station is in the suburb, there are very few banks. Thus, we did not deposit and decided to use them to buy a car for our company."

A bank spokesman told Sina news that an appointment must be made before hand for such a large amount of coins to be processed, and that the bank would collect a fee.

CCTV News quoted a Sina Weibo user as saying: "These people are so selfish. They only seek their own convenience, but pay no attention to trouble it may cause others.

"Do they live in the mountains? Don’t they have any single bank nearby? Is it even impossible to deposit them once per week, or per month?"

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Other payments made in coins:

1. A monk in China paid for 16 water heaters with 223,840 coins worth 10 fen each. The coins weighed 716kg. It took nine bank employees 13 hours to count the coins.

2. In October last year, mobile phone store Mobile Air at Sim Lim Square in Singapore tried to give a customer a refund of more than $1,000 in coins.

3. In November last year, a customer of a car dealer in Singapore left $19,000 worth of coins as payment at the car showroom. The change had a strong odour of fish. The customer had been ordered by a court to pay the amount.

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