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Shark attack victim who lost leg walks again

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He is determined to ride the waves again.

A day after doctors amputated most of surfer Colin Cook's left leg following a shark attack, the 25-year-old was out of his hospital bed and taking a few steps.

Hawaii News Now reported that a 3m-long tiger shark pounced on the Oahu man near the island's North Shore last Friday (Oct 9).

His father Glenn said:

“In Colin's words, the tiger shark came out of nowhere.

It grabbed his left leg and pulled him under and he grabbed the board with one hand, but the shark started pulling him backwards in the water.”

He held onto his surfboard with one hand and punched the shark as it tried to drag him underwater, injuring his hands in the process.

Despite losing most of his left leg after a shark attack, Mr Colin Cook is determined to surf again one day. SCREENGRAB: YOUTUBE/ KHON 2

Mr Cook, who just opened his own fiberglass surfboard shop, would not be able to work while he learns to walk again. 

His friends are trying to raise US$50,000 (about S$69,900) so he won't have to worry about money during his recovery.



To date, they have managed to raise over $32,000 through the GoFundMe page.

Cousin Chris Webster told CBS affiliate KGMB in Honolulu that Mr Cook swam to another surfer, who paddled him to shore.

A group of people who saw the attack rushed to the victim's aid when he got back on land.

He asked them how his leg was as they put him on a surfboard and carried him to the roadside where an ambulance came to pick him up.

WATCH: How witnesses helped shark attack victim Colin Cook




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