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Woman goes for breast cancer op, only to find out after that she wasn't even ill

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When Ms Elizabeth Dawes was told she had breast cancer, she was devastated and feared the worst.

The 39-year-old woman began making plans for her only child, an 18-year-old boy.

She got her finances in order and decided to do whatever it would take to stay alive.

Said the UK woman: "I was willing to undergo whatever treatment it took to fight the cancer so when I was told I needed surgery, I didn't think twice."


Ms Dawes, a breast care nurse, underwent a lumpectomy followed by a bilateral breast lift to fix the deformity caused by the surgery.

But four days after the second operation, she was told that the hospital she worked at had misdiagnosed her with a Grade 3 invasive tumour. It had mixed her notes up with two other patients.

The bottom line? She didn't have cancer. She never did.

Ms Dawes was so traumatised by the ordeal in 2013 that she quit her job at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, reported Mirror.

She is now on anti-depressants, reported Cosmopolitan.


Mail Online quoted her as saying: "I was very sore after the operation and shocked by the extensive scaring, so to be recalled four days later to be told none of it was necessary was truly horrendous.

"I am still in pain now, have lost a lot of sensation in my breasts and the scarring has not improved, which hugely affects my self-confidence.

"Nothing can make up for what has happened but I am determined to see justice done and feel I at least deserve an official apology... given the huge impact this has had on my life."

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, which operates the hospital, has admitted that it was at fault.

Its spokesman said the hospital has offered Ms Dawes "an unreserved apology for this terrible error ".

"The incident is now part of an ongoing legal claim with which the trust is co-operating fully," said the spokesman. "The trust can confirm that no other patient received inappropriate treatment as a result of this incident."

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