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After Low Yat Plaza ugliness, story of friendship goes viral

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The name Low Yat Plaza — a popular shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur — became synonymous with ugly behaviour.

After an arrest of a suspected phone thief on Saturday sparked series of brawls and even a mob attack over the weekend.

While arrests are being made a different kind of story has gaining attention.

Facebook user Fais Al-Hajari posted about his friendship with a Chinese phone seller at the plaza.

Writing in Malay, he introduced the mobile phone vendor by his nickname, Desmond.

According to the post, the pair have been friends, ever since Mr Fais started patronising Desmond's stall .

In the post he says:

Even though I sometimes buy phones from other shops, he still smiles and is friendly with me.

The friendship has been good for these past eight years.

Other handphone salesmen are also good with me. The secret? He doesn't cheat me, and I don't steal from him. 

He added that they hold a mutual respect and understanding and that they are supportive of each other.

Fais Al-Hajari's Facebook post which has gone viral. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/FAIS AL-HAJARI  

While Mr Fais' own post only managed 228 shares, a screengrab of it was shared by Facebook page Siakap Keli.

To date it, that post has over 79,300 likes and has been shared over 5,200 times.

The post came after the events of July 11-12 where Low Yat Plaza was engulfed in chaos.

Five people were injured, including members of the media, and so far, 22 people have been arrested for rioting.


Source: Star Online, Facebook

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