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China’s first corgi police dog debuts

SHANDONG, China – Fu Zai, a cute, six-month-old corgi trained as a police dog – China’s first corgi police dog – made his debut during the opening day of a police camp in Weifang, Shandong province.

His debut hit the stereotype that “little short legs” cannot join the police force and that only long-limbed dogs full of strength and vigour can do so. Fu Zai quickly went viral online thanks to his iconic smile, distinctive short legs and excellent explosion device-seeking abilities.

As a reserve police dog, Fu Zai has training scheduled for every morning and afternoon in a variety of areas, including obedience exercises, bomb searching and bomb sniffing techniques. Throughout his training, he stood out and outperformed many of his peers even at two months old.

Some people had doubts about whether this adorable police dog could overcome obstacles, and chase down and deter suspects, but Fu Zai performed admirably.

He did well thanks to his unique advantages in training. “His strong environmental adaptability... his desire for possession of items and his fondness of food are particularly conducive to our training,” said the Weifang Public Security Bureau’s police dog base head Wang Yanan.

Following four months of training, Fu Zai can take advantage of his short legs to search the space under a car and can easily get into narrow spaces. He also helps boost interactions between police dogs and the public because of his amiable appearance.

“Police dogs are not only cute, but the trainers have (put in) a lot of work and effort to train them,” said head Wang.

Fu Zai is still considered naive, and must undergo a period of further training to adapt to complex environments before he will be officially given assignments as a police dog. – CHINA DAILY/ASIA NEWS NETWORK