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Internet sensation Siberian husky gives birth to 3 pups at new home

BANGKOK – Muay Lek, a four-year-old Siberian husky that became an internet sensation after a controversial abuse video, has given birth to three puppies at her new home in Nong Bua Lamphu province in Thailand.

Her new owner, who renamed her Lek Lek, said in a Facebook post on June 7 the new members of the family are two black female puppies and a copper-coloured male puppy.

She said the puppies are strong and healthy, adding that she has no plan to give them up for adoption.

The previous owner of the Siberian husky had filmed and posted a video of her locking the dog in a bathroom as a punishment for stealing food. The woman then poured hot water on Muay Lek’s back as the dog howled in pain while trying to escape.

The incident happened on May 17 in Samut Prakan province.

This story emerged on Thai social media on June 5 and netizens reacted in anger on the woman’s Facebook post.

Muay Lek was taken to a veterinarian and treated for burns on her back.

The previous owner later apologised via Facebook and claimed she had no idea that the dog was pregnant.

Watch Dog Thailand and SOS Animal Thailand pressed charges of animal cruelty on June 5, and facilitated Muay Lek’s transfer to a restaurant owner in Nong Bua Lamphu, who expressed interest in adopting her.

Lek Lek’s new owner has set up a Facebook page to post photos and updates on the Siberian husky. She thanked those who donated money for the dog’s treatment, as well as milk and food to her directly.

She warned, however, that she has not set up any bank accounts or foundations for donations. She asked netizens not to believe those who ask for donations and claim that the money will go towards the dog and her puppies. – THE NATION/ ASIA NEWS NETWORK

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