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Man from Singapore rescued after going missing in a New York state swamp for 3 days

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A 58-year-old man who lives in Singapore went missing in a New York state swamp for three days last month, and has been rescued by forest rangers.

US news reports said the Irish man, who was not identified, was visiting the Adirondacks region, a four-hour drive from New York City.

He was hiking alone at the Dix Range, which is part of the Adirondacks, when he lost his way. He left a marked trail and became disoriented.

Forest rangers from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation found him on June 22.

The Adirondacks region spans more than 2.4 million ha and is a protected natural area.

Citing state officials, the reports said the man had last been in contact with his wife, who is in Singapore, on the evening of June 19.

Forest rangers Andrew Lewis and Jamison Martin, who assisted in the swamp search and rescue, were quoted as saying that he drank swamp water to survive, and that he had hypothermia which is caused by prolonged exposures to very cold temperatures.

His clothes were tattered and he had bug bites on his face, the reports quoted the rescuers as saying.

The rangers said the man was a college professor but had left his job recently.

He reportedly told his wife that he was going to spend time in the Adirondacks and gave her a rough itinerary.

He then flew into John F. Kennedy International Airport in New YorkCity - although it is unclear when - rented a vehicle, and made his way to the region.

His wife had been following his progress through a fitness tracker app Strava, but lost contact after a few days. She then realised that the signal was lost and called the local authorities for help.

Forest rangers then began the search in assigned areas which focused on the perimeter of the swamp. The rescuers called out his name, hoping to establish voice contact, Mr Lewis was quoted as saying.

The rangers were able to get in touch with the car rental company he used and through the GPS in the car they were able to track his vehicle to the Elk Lake parking area, which leads to the Dix Range.

The rangers located the vehicle and looked at the trail register. They noticed that he had signed in but never signed out.

After he was found, he was reportedly ready to drive away as soon as he swopped his wet clothes for dry ones.

Paramedics at the site gave him a clean bill of health, but the rangers watched him for several more hours, feeding him and giving him enough water to make sure he was fit enough to drive.

When they determined he was well enough, they cleared him to leave. They said he was eager to check into a hotel and get home.

"He told his wife that he was never going to hike that mountain range again," Mr Martin was quoted as saying.

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