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M'sian beggar gets up to $140 a day, owns premium SUV

A Malaysian man said he receives up to RM500 (S$140) a day by just begging for a few hours, and he owns a sport utility vehicle (SUV).

The shocking find came to light when officers from the Social Welfare Department in the Maran district of Pahang were conducting checks to eradicate begging activities at the Sri Jaya night market on Feb 21.

The department did not say why the particular night market was targeted, but said its officers spotted the man, dressed in a grey robe and a Muslim skull cap, begging for money.

“He was holding a paper bag, soliciting sympathy from passers-by. Both of the man’s hands appeared small unlike those of a normal humans,” the department said in a Facebook post, adding that there was money in the bag.

The officers questioned the man, but he did not answer, leading the officers to assume he may be deaf and mute.

The officers, however, persisted in their questioning, including asking him to produce his identity card, and they were surprised to hear the man speak, saying that he left the document in his car.

A second surprise awaited them when the car turned out to be a Proton X70 premium SUV, which retails at between RM123,800 and RM128,800.

The unnamed man revealed to the welfare officers that he can get up to RM500 from just four to five hours of begging at night markets.

The man, who lives in the neighbouring east coast state of Kelantan, has been receiving RM450 monthly allowance from the welfare department for his disability since 2001.

The welfare officers did not take stern action against the man – letting him go with only a verbal warning since “this is his first offence” in the Maran district.