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PM Mahathir says sex video not moral issue but political problem

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Malaysian PM also denies defending minister, said to be the other man in the video

PETALING JAYA: The sex video clip implicating Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali is not a moral issue, but a political problem, said Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, adding that he is not willing to be used in the issue.

He said it would be dealt with as a political issue.

"It is obvious that the mastermind had bad intentions and is using dirty politics," Dr Mahathir said in a blog post on yesterday.

Mr Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz, a PKR youth chief, said he was one of the men in the gay sex video.

He claimed Mr Azmin was the other. Mr Azmin has denied this and the police have said that while the video is real, the people in it could not be identified.

Police arrested 11 people initially but most have been released, including Mr Haziq and PKR president Anwar Ibrahim's political secretary Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak. The pair were freed yesterday on police bail.

Dr Mahathir said the main reason for circulating the video was to block the political career of an individual.

"I can do this because I have the power. When this is done, those who masterminded this could be successful," he said, without mentioning Mr Azmin's name.

Dr Mahathir also said his religion forbade him from snooping to expose the fault of others and what was done was worse than snooping. He said he wants the mastermind behind the sex video.

"Well, if (authorities) can find the identity of who actually produced this particular video and showed them on the Internet... I think they should be punished," said Dr Mahathir.


He also denied he was defending Mr Azmin. "I am not defending him. I am saying dirty politics like that will not trap me to be a part of it," he added.

Asked if he knew the identity of the mastermind who police say is a leader of a political party, Dr Mahathir replied: "I am not the investigator."

But Mr Farhash had another take on the issue.

Speaking to reporters after spending eight days in police custody, Mr Anwar's political secreatry said: "The only political conspiracy is against Anwar Ibrahim.

"If the IGP has any credibility, go bring Azmin Ali in. Investigate him."

He added: "There's one quote I learnt in prison: If law becomes injustice, reformasi (reform) becomes a duty."

That sparked a loud cheer among his supporters.

Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador said the investigation was ongoing and declined to elaborate.

"It's not complete yet. Once it's been completed, I'll send it to the Attorney General," he told reporters. - THE STAR