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Stewardess quits to become crab-peeler for hire

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It is the dream of many. To convert a particular skill you already possess into a viable living.

In this case, would you quit your day job to become a personal crab-peeler-for-hire at $2.20 a crustacean?

One Chinese former air stewardess did, attracting a fair amount of attention at a seafood restaurant in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

Because is must also be some men's dream to have a pretty young woman to peel crabs and feed you in full view of the public.


The woman, known as Miss Xie, is a 27-year-old former air stewardess who began to advertise her services on Chinese auction site Taobao because of her "expert crab-peeling skills".

When the man pictured with her, a 39-year-old known as Mr Feng, saw Miss Xie's online posting, he wasted no time in shelling out 260 yuan ($57.29) for her services at a rate of 10 yuan for the peeling of each crab with an additional 5 yuan to be hand-fed (he received a discount for reportedly taking a "King Package").

Naturally, people couldn't help but watch on with intrigue.

Yes, we think the guy in the background kind of looks like a young Lim Kay Tong too. PHOTO: SINA

These two men tried to get Miss Xie to feed them too, but she declined to focus on her client. PHOTOS: SINA

Of course, shelling crabs is tough work and by the end of it, Miss Xie's battered fingers were starting to look as red as the 20 crustaceans whose meat she had liberated.


Still, true to her former profession, Miss Xie decided to grin and bear with it, according to Shanghaiist.

What a trooper.

Her professionalism certainly paid off as a thoroughly satisfied Mr Feng, filled with crab, left her a good online review later on.

Sources: Sina and via Shanghaiist

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