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Taiwan 'Hulk' smashes up 7-Eleven store and attacks police

Media outlets and social media users have dubbed a man “The Taiwanese Hulk” after he went into a rage inside a 7-11 store in Taoyuan City, damaging property, and attacking police officers who tried to calm him down.

According to online reports, the 28-year-old bodybuilder and fitness coach, surnamed Zhu, entered the 7-11 dressed only in shorts on May 20 at around 9:00am. 

The store clerk called for the police after he became frightened by Zhu’s ranting.

The clerk said Zhu was also expressing suicidal thoughts and throwing objects.

When police arrived, Zhu became more agitated, and was seen crouching and bellowing like the Incredible Hulk before throwing punches at the officers. One officer suffered a slight concussion as a result.

Eventually, police used pepper spray in their defence and restrained Zhu.

Commenters on social media have been quick to suspect Zhu was having an episode of “roid rage” at the time. 

It’s hard to dispute that theory.