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Under-fire Trump turns attention back to Clinton

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WASHINGTON: Two chants emerged as hallmarks of Mr Donald Trump's campaign rallies as he made his improbable run for the White House.

One was "Build the wall!" and the other was "Lock her up!"

The plan for a wall on the border with Mexico has been slow in getting off the ground, but Mr Trump as president has revived the rallying cry for the prosecution of Mrs Hillary Clinton.

The move has set off alarm bells in Washington and sparked accusations that Mr Trump, by focusing on his defeated rival, is seeking to divert attention from the widening probe into his own campaign's alleged ties with Russia.


The Washington Post compared it in an editorial to something one would see in a "banana republic," while The Wall Street Journal said Mr Trump is "crossing dangerous legal and political lines".

"Mr Trump is clearly frustrated that the Russia collusion story is engulfing his own family," the Journal said.

"But that frustration has now taken a darker turn. Mr Trump's suggestion that his Attorney General prosecute his defeated opponent is the kind of crude political retribution one expects in Erdogan's Turkey or Duterte's Philippines," the newspaper said.

In a series of tweets since the weekend, Mr Trump has repeatedly attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions, one of his earliest supporters but now possibly on his way out, for failing to aggressively go after Mrs Clinton.

Several members of Mr Trump's own Republican Party have leapt to Mr Sessions' defence and denounced Mr Trump's bid to get the attorney general to open a criminal probe of Mrs Clinton.- AFP

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