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Ferguson: 'Fergie time' was just a little trick

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson revealed that the concept of "Fergie time" -  a tactic of Ferguson's to influence the referee to give extra additional minutes for United to perform their famous last minute heroics - was just a wily mind game to get the better of his opposition. 

Speaking to BT Sport, the 72-year-old Scot said: "That’s why I used to go to my watch. I never looked at my watch, I didn’t know how many minutes.

"It gets across to the opponents and the referee, which is a little trick.

"The thing about the last 10-15 minutes of a game, particularly at Old Trafford, you’ve got 65,000 people there. At half time I always stress don’t panic, be patient, wait.

"In the last 15 minutes you can do what you like. I’m a gambler, shove bodies up front, take the gamble, it didn’t always work but a lot of times it did.

"If you’re in that dressing room after the game and we’ve scored in the last minute the electricity is unbelievable, they’re jumping on top of each other, hand clapping, it’s a fantastic place to be.

"Most important thing is that those fans are walking out of the stadium desperate to get down to the pub to talk about, desperate to get home to tell their wife and their kids what happened at Old Trafford in the last minute of the game. And that’s my job, to get them home happy."


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Well played, Ferguson.

Source: Metro

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