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Mayweather eager to knock out Pacman

Mayweather plans to start aggressive against Pacman

Floyd Mayweather says he is going to come out swinging and be the aggressor early against Manny Pacquiao when they meet in tomorrow morning's (Singapore time) super fight in Las Vegas.

The 38-year-old Mayweather, who is putting his undefeated record on the line to fight Filipino icon Pacquiao at the MGM Grand, usually needs a few rounds to feel out and adjust to his opponent's game plan.

"I am going to approach it in a very, very aggressive way and go out there and press the attack early," Mayweather said yesterday morning (Singapore time) on the NBA on TNT.

"Of course, I would love to win by knockout. I am pretty sure he is going to come at me extremely strong.

"I am facing one of the best fighters I have ever faced."

Mayweather was on the NBA television show with hosts Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson.

Mayweather's disclosure yesterday morning that he will be the aggressor is welcome news to boxing fans who are being charged a hefty US$100 ($132) for the pay-per-view to watch the fight in their homes.

The 12-round welterweight unification fight is expected to generate a record US$400 million ($530m) in revenue.

Mayweather said he would spend his time before the fight doing light workouts, watching the NBA play-offs on TV and trying to stay focused.

"I want to be real relaxed and real calm. I just try to have tunnel vision when I am on my way to the gym," he said.

Mayweather, who is 47-0 with 26 knockouts, told the show's hosts the secret to keeping his unblemished record intact is that he never takes any opponent lightly.

"Even if I am fighting a guy they say is just a regular guy, then I am still going to train extremely hard," he insisted.

Mayweather told Barkley that he doesn't watch tapes of his opponents because he learns all he needs to about them once they are trading blows in the ring.

"I never watch my opponent. I feel like you can have a certain game plan but, once you get inside that square circle, the game plan changes," Mayweather said.

"Boxers may fight certain guys the same way, but they fight me different."


When Mayweather steps into the ring to face Pacquiao tomorrow morning, in his corner will be his father Floyd Sr, who once used his young son as a human shield against an angry gunman.

It would seem almost certain Mayweather Sr will never win Father of the Year honours but, with victory tomorrow morning, his son could cement his legacy as one of the greatest fighters of all time with the man who sparked that dream looking on with pride.

There have been few such tender family moments in a turbulent Mayweather household, where father and son can share prison experiences as well as successes in the ring.

Mayweather Jr was born into a boxing-obsessed family to a drug addict mother and had boxing gloves slipped onto him by his father before he was a year old.

Over the years, the father/son, trainer/boxer relationship has been a stormy one with Floyd Sr once holding up his son for protection against an enraged family member pointing a shotgun at his head, reasoning the relative would not shoot a child.

He was right, as the man shot Mayweather Sr in the leg, effectively ending his boxing career.

But, for all the strain and long periods of estrangement, the two Mayweathers have developed an unbeatable game plan and tomorrow it will be Floyd Sr in his son's corner mapping out the strategy to beat Pacquiao.

"I don't think it is going to be much of a fight. The fight is already won, trust and believe me," declared Mayweather Sr on Thursday.

"Their (Pacquiao) asses were scared. We weren't scared. I'm just here to tell you whatever it is, it's going to be one-sided." - Wire Services.

By the numbers


The clash between Mayweather and Pacquiao is projected to generate a record US$300 million ($397m) or more in pay-per-view revenue, according to Forbes, with at least three million customers paying to watch the action.


Mayweather's defeat of Oscar de la Hoya in 2007 has the buy record of 2.48 million households, while his 2013 showdown with Canelo Alvarez has a revenue record of US$152m.


Mayweather is likely to earn at least US$180 million ($238m) from the bout while Pacquiao should come away with more than US$120m.


The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is expected to pack in close to 16,500 fans for the fight.


Las Vegas resident Mayweather, who has a perfect 47-0 record as a professional, will be fighting his 11th straight bout at the MGM Grand.


About Floyd Mayweather

1 Twizzlers are one of his favourite snacks.

2 Ramen noodle soup is one of his favourite meals and he doesn't like five-star restaurants.

3 Averages over 1,000 sit-ups a day during training camps.

4 He doesn't use ketchup or mustard on hot dogs but uses BBQ sauce.

5 The movie Troy featuring Brad Pitt is one he likes to watch over and over again.

6 Every juice he drinks during training is made from scratch.

7 When eating out, he orders a glass of hot 
water to soak his silverware before using them.

8 He gets a manicure and pedicure at home once a week during camps.

9 He only eats food cooked or heated up on a stove and in an oven.

10 His morning routine includes brushing teeth for 10 straight minutes.

About Manny Pacquiao

1 He eats steamed white rice and chicken or beef broth at almost every meal.

2 He will drink only hot or room temperature water. Never cold water because he feels it is not healthy.

3 He averages over 2,500 sit-ups daily during training camps.

4 He eats five meals and consumes 8,000 calories daily to keep his weight and energy up.

5 He regularly has 500 fans follow him on his morning runs in Los Angeles.

6 He starts every morning with a reading of the Bible.

7 He loves his Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups.

8 Pacman, his nine-year-old Jack Russell terrier, accompanies him on all his morning runs.

9 He is a lieutenant colonel in the reserve force of the Philippine Army.

10 Mayweather will be the third straight undefeated world champion Pacquiao has faced in the past 13 months.

- Wire Services.