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Team LKT vow to make National Training Centre happen

FAS presidential candidate Lim also expresses reservations over proposed Asean Super League

Football Association of Singapore (FAS) presidential candidate Lim Kia Tong has his focus set on changing the Singapore football scene yet insisted there is no need for a full revamp.

Lim was confident that he can overturn previous failed strategic plans that reaped disappointing results in Singapore football.

Lim addressed his plans for football and his stand on anticipated projects at a press conference at Ital Auto Pte Ltd on Leng Kee Road yesterday.

The promise of a long-awaited National Training Centre (NTC) has been in question for several years now, and Lim was adamant that his team will be able to bring the project to life if elected into office.

Lim's right-hand man, vice-presidential candidate Bernard Tan, emphasised that the National Training Centre is at the core of their plans.

"If we are going to succeed as a sport, the National Training Centre is important," he told The New Paper.

"The allocation is in the pipeline, and we've always kept it on the table.

"Other nations have managed to create one after many years. We are looking to follow that path.

"We are optimistic that in two to three years, we will be able to turn the centre into reality."

Tan stressed that there are challenges in creating the National Training Centre as there is a need for approval from several organisations.

The 50-year-old said: "Land is not owned by the FAS, so we have to make a case to Sport Singapore that the allocation is strategic.

"The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) also has to support that decision."

While Team LKT is supportive of the National Training Centre, they have been firmly against the proposed Asean Super League (ASL).

Lim maintained that the future of Singapore football lies in the S.League.

Lim said: "If there is another league (like the Asean Super League) that affects the S.League, we will have to treat it with some reservation.

"The S.League is of utmost importance.

"We will place a lot of our effort on the S.League because the strength of the S.League is the strength of the national team."

The 64-year-old lawyer is also wary of the ASL's profit-oriented position.

"ASL is a commercial outfit which has nothing to do with the FAS. The FAS does not develop a team purely for participation in the ASL.

"Our resolve is in building football within Singapore, and to boost the league at home."