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Man in All By Myself airport video meets Celine Dion

Remember the man who filmed himself lip-synching to Celine Dion's classic 'All by Myself' while stranded overnight at a Las Vegas airport last month?

Well, Richard Dunn, creator of the viral video, was back at Vegas again.

But this time, instead of staying at the airport, he got to meet Celine Dion.

The Canadian pop diva performed live at Caesars Place and he even met her backstage on Friday.

He said: "This is a once-in-a-lifetime memory I never thought would happen but will last forever."

In June, his video went viral.

Soon after, Dion had even reached out to him via her own YouTube video.

She said: "Next time, you know, you're stuck all by yourself at Last Vegas airport for hours and hours, please be my guest at my show."


We're glad she kept her word.

And if you need to watch the video to chase away those Monday blues, we've got you covered.

Sources: People, Las Vegas Sun

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