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Elton John: Hard to watch family stuff in Rocketman biopic

CANNES Elton John said on Saturday that the hardest parts to watch in Rocketman, the biopic of his life that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, were the portions about his family life.

"It is hard to watch the family stuff. The drugs stuff I can handle because I did it, but the family stuff is touching," the 72-year-old told Variety.

The film won an extended standing ovation in Cannes, with critics hailing the way it deals frankly with the British singer's struggles.

"Part of the reason I became the addict that I was (was) because of my background," he said.

"I really value the fact that (my parents) stayed together for me when they were unhappy with each other... I've come to understand the circumstances they went through, and I am not angry or bitter about that. But it did leave a scar, and that scar took a long time to heal - maybe it will never heal totally." - AFP