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Get to know the dinosaurs in Jurassic World before they start haunting your nightmares

So you've probably had a look at the Jurassic World trailer - and the dinosaurs that are featured in it.

Are they scaring you more than the ones in the original movies more than 20 years ago?

Since, they're going to be the source of your nightmares in June when the movie is out, why not get to know them now?

After all, you know what they say about knowing your enemies...

Indominus Rex

Indominus Rex translates to fierce and untameable king, and this means one thing: Stay Away.

If you thought the T-rex from the original movies was menacing, good luck. 


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I'm no prophet but it could very well be possible that being knowledgeable about dinosaurs would be perceived as cool after the movie is out. So for all of you looking to impress your friends, the Mosasaurus is not technically a dinosaur - it is actually a seagoing lizard.


What's worse than cockroaches that can fly? Erm, dinosaurs that can fly. This dino is also known as a "snap-feeder" with quick jaws to catch prey like fish and insects. Although the movie trailer suggests that they're into humans too. 


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Ah, look at those humans watching as the Gallimimuses glide across the green fields. Thankfully, these gentle giants are herbivores so it's not likely that you will be their breakfast, lunch or dinner. 


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Are those velociraptors on Chris Pratt's team? If so, someone tell me where I can get my own? They would be handy when people are stepping on my toes in the MRT trains. 

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