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M3GAN the creepy doll stars in fashion campaign

M3GAN the scary doll is now a fashion model.

The humanoid robot doll powered by artificial intelligence from the horror film M3GAN was unveiled this week in new advertisements for fashion brand Marc Jacobs’ sub-label, Heaven.

“M3GAN in heaven”, said the caption in Heaven’s Instagram post on Tuesday.

In photos taken by visual artist Harley Weir, M3GAN, whose name is an acronym for Model 3 Generative Android, wears a skull-themed hoodie and knee-high platform boots, with her face illuminated in red light.

“So sick. I love it,” Marc Jacobs commented under the Instagram post.


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The campaign drew mixed reactions from netizens.

One commented: “The human brain isn’t meant to comprehend this”, while another remarked: “Looking camp right in the eye.”

In M3GAN, which premiered in December and was theatrically released in January, the doll was a prototype toy brought in by Gemma (played by Allison Williams), a roboticist with a toy company, to accompany her niece who had become withdrawn after the sudden death of her parents. The girl and the doll then formed a relationship that had terrifying consequences on the people around them.

Since the movie trailer was released in 2022, the killer doll has trended on TikTok with her sassy dance moves from the film, inspiring copycat dance videos and memes across social media.

According to BoxOfficeMojo, the film has grossed more than US$172 million (S$231.7 million) at the box office since its release. A sequel is in the works and set for release in January 2025.