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Movie review: Jolt

The premise of this actioner currently showing in cinemas here sounds like Kate Beckinsale fighting all comers in a mix of John Wick and Crank.

Unfortunately, it does not hit those levels - it is not as sharply choreographed as the former and not as nuts as the latter.

Beckinsale plays Lindy, a trained killer with a chemical imbalance who has been given a special device that shocks her whenever she feels the uncontrollable urge to attack people.

She meets a nice chap (Jai Courtney) on a blind date and falls in love, but a tragic event sends her on a path of vengeance.

Jolt is a low-budget B-movie that could have been more.

Everything feels stagey, especially the street scenes on an all-too-obvious backlot set.

The fights lack a kinetic energy and there is really not much in the way of plot.

That said, it is not awful.

Beckinsale is an engaging lead and Stanley Tucci, as her therapist, is always watchable.

It also helps that the film never takes itself too seriously.

It is less of a jolt and more of a tingle, but this is a passable time killer.

JOLT (M18)

Score 2.5/5