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Glenn Ong and Flying Dutchman of One FM 91.3’s The Big Show move to Kiss92

SPH Radio’s three English radio stations – Kiss92, One FM 91.3 and Money FM 89.3 – have undergone a reshuffle.

The changes took effect on Monday, and were made as part of a broader review of the stations’ content and market positioning.

The Big Show, formerly on One FM 91.3, has moved to Kiss92, in the same 6 to 10am weekday timeslot. The popular breakfast show continues to be hosted by DJs Glenn Ong, 52, The Flying Dutchman (FD), 67, and Angelique Teo, 49.

Ong said the show will be much bigger in its new home. “Everything will be bigger – the prizes, stories, debates, guests. We now also have a bigger segment on YouTube and will be consumed by a much bigger audience.

“We are going to make listening and watching breakfast radio something our fans cannot do without. There is never a dull moment.”

On transplanting The Big Show at One FM 91.3 – which appeals to an older demographic – to Kiss92, which started out as Singapore’s first radio station targeting women and young families under 40, Ong said: “Times have changed. It is all about equality now. These days, who dares to say one station is for mainly women and another for men? Both stations are great for men, women and everyone in between.”

FD, whose real name is Mark van Cuylenburg, added: “I think the idea of Kiss92 being female-centric and One FM 91.3 being male-centric worked in the past. But in today’s world, where people might identify differently, a station needs to be for everyone. And that is what we are.”

All the feedback he has seen and heard has been very positive, he continued.

On leaving One FM 91.3, where he has been hosting programmes alongside fellow veteran jock Ong since 2015, FD said: “I believe that every now and then, you need to stir the pot and make things new and interesting. That is what we are doing.

“As a team, we have for the longest time wanted to bring our show to Kiss92, and now, it has happened. So, we are raring to go.”

Joshua Simon, who co-helmed Kiss92’s The Morning Show with Carol Smith and Jill Lim since July 2022, is now presenting On Your Way, a new Kiss92 weekday show from 4 to 8pm.

The 32-year-old said its name is inspired by a common phrase used in Singapore every day – “I am on the way”.

“We are always on the go, be it rushing out of work, catching some alone time, meeting up with our loved ones or going home. If we are collectively going to constantly be on our way, let’s do it together.”

On his timeslot switch from morning to evening, he joked: “I am an early bird, but not a 4.30am early bird. So, I am over the moon right now, and can actually see the moon while I work.”

Nowadays, Simon gets to go to the gym and read the news before heading into the studio. “I feel like I am on track to being in the best headspace, physically and mentally, to deliver the best show I can.”

One FM 91.3 is being finetuned as an adult contemporary music station targeting listeners aged 40 and above. It plays music released between 1980 and 2008, and also has a new morning show titled The Bright Side, featuring the cheery pairing of former Kiss92 DJ Smith and Lavinia Tan, who had a weekend show on One FM 91.3.

Carol Smith (left) and Lavinia Tan (right) are co-hosting The Bright Side on One FM 91.3, which airs on weekdays from 6 to 10am. ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG


Smith, 47, shared that The Bright Side will speak to a slightly more mature audience, who have had a fair bit of life experience and have acquired a taste for the finer things in life.

“As such, our topics and segments will centre on their needs and areas of interest, such as lifestyle and travel, property, luxury brands and experiences.”

Although Tan and Smith have not worked together before, they were colleagues at a previous company and have known each other for years.

Smith said of Tan: “She is that person who almost immediately feels like a good friend when you first meet.”

Tan, 41, added: “Radio show partnerships are always tricky, but I feel that Carol and I have something great here. We have very similar wavelengths about things, especially our humour. We absolutely get each other.

“I will miss the chill vibes from doing my weekend shows and it will take some adjustment to the early start times. A few days in and I am happy to report that there is enough coffee in this world to help me along.”

She has also discovered a new form of tranquillity, like being up at 3.30am to get ready for work.

“It is so peaceful and quiet at that time and I am enjoying it surprisingly. I have three young sons whose real names should be Chaos, Havoc and Mayhem, so there is rarely a quiet moment with that trio around,” she joked.

She hopes listeners will tune in to The Bright Side because of the hosts’ stories, banter and fun antics. “Laugh with us, learn with us and leave being in the best frame of mind to get through your day.”

Mr Ignatius Low, 50, editor-in-chief of lifestyle and entertainment media at SPH Media, said the changes made on Monday are the first moves the organisation is making as part of a broader review of content and market positioning of its three English radio stations. 

“SPH Radio also recently hired radio industry veteran Steven Choo as programme director for its two English music stations,” he added.

Data shows the reach of radio in Singapore today is still 60 per cent, Mr Low continued. But with FM tuners gradually disappearing from homes and workplaces, SPH Radio stations need to strengthen their engagement with audiences more as they transition to a more competitive digital audio space. 

“This means our stations need to understand their respective core audiences better. They have to play music and produce content that connects better with them, not just via live radio broadcasts which can now be digitally streamed, but also by leveraging newer audio on-demand formats such as podcasts and music playlists.”

Data also shows that Kiss92 has built a strong base with millennial listeners, many of whom are young working parents. In terms of life stages and experiences, they are peers of Kiss92’s new music director Charmaine Phua, who also hosts Kiss Cafe on weekdays from 10am to 1pm.

Her task, he added, is to curate music that is “the soundtrack to their past memories and present lives, as well as be an expert guide to new music that they can grow to love”. This includes highlighting the best from Singapore’s fast-growing and diverse body of local musicians and compositions.

Another shift is the widening of the radio presenter pool, to include personalities from outside the traditional pool of radio talent so as to bring in fresh perspectives and expert domain knowledge for the benefit of listeners. This is the case with the new Kiss92 nighttime show The Owls from 8pm till midnight, which features local musician Daphne Khoo and host and voice-over artist Shawnrick Hu.

As for the biggest change, the move of The Big Show, Mr Low said Kiss92 listeners like the revamp so far, going by comments on its Facebook page.

“We wanted to bring SPH Radio’s most experienced and engaging morning show team to the bigger Kiss92 audience.”

What’s new:

On Kiss92:

1. The Big Show with Glenn Ong, Angelique Teo and The Flying Dutchman, weekdays, 6 to 10am.

(From left) Glenn Ong, Angelique Teo and The Flying Dutchman. PHOTO: SPH MEDIA


Featuring three distinctive radio personalities, this show will carry entertainment updates, discussions, updates for Singapore’s green plan and fashion trends. There will also be a phone-in game segment titled Liar Liar, where listeners have to spot a lie. In addition, it will reach a wider audience on social platforms, with The Big Show TV Hour airing from 8 to 9am daily on Facebook Live and YouTube.

2. The Owls with Natalie Koh, Shawnrick Hu, Juliana Yeow and Daphne Khoo, Mondays to Thursdays, 8pm to midnight

(From left) Natalie Koh, Shawnrick Hu, Juliana Yeow and Daphne Khoo. PHOTO: SPH MEDIA


Your nights are going to get wilder with this nocturnal bunch. There will be fun games, guests, gossip and the latest music. Get ready to be part of the show with contests, call-ins and voice note dedications. Some polytechnic students will also be called in to be part of The Owls.

3. Kiss Cafe with Charmaine Phua, weekdays, 10am to 1pm

Charmaine Phua PHOTO: SPH MEDIA


Let Charmaine Phua take you to lunch with the best food and drink recommendations. She will also provide daily food for thought, as well as features on chefs, trend updates and new music.

4. On Your Way with Joshua Simon, weekdays, 4 to 8pm



“I’m on the way” is among Singaporeans’ most-used phrases – when rushing out of the office, grabbing food or going home. Wherever you are on your way to, let this show be a space where you can take a break from what is on your mind. Apart from world and entertainment news, On Your Way features everyday Singaporeans who have become trailblazers in their field, as well as entrepreneurs and entertainers. In addition, it will also reflect on day-to-day dilemmas that listeners face, and on how we can all do better.

On One FM 91.3:

1. The Bright Side with Carol Smith and Lavinia Tan, weekdays, 6 to 10am

Lavinia Tan (left) and Carol Smith. PHOTO: SPH MEDIA


Gear up for light-hearted banter, fun games, trivia, news updates and all things travel on the brand new morning show The Bright Side. If you are on the hunt for a daily dose of laughter to jumpstart your day, Carol Smith and Lavinia Tan are your girls.

2. The Music Mansion with Shan Wee, weekdays, 10am to 1pm



Proudly known as the “Dadliest” Dad on the station, Shan Wee takes you through lunchtime with the greatest tunes. Expect lunchtime laughs from the music director of One FM 91.3 himself.

3. The One Way Home with Tim Oh, weekdays, 4 to 8pm



Wind down the workday with “bro on the go” Tim Oh as you escape from the office and navigate the endless sea of peak hour traffic. He will bring you company, conversation, entertainment and loads of prizes to make that trip home extra special every day. Not only will he raise the volume with nothing but the greatest hits, he will also raise your mood.

On Money FM 89.3

1. Breakfast with Lynlee Foo, Ryan Huang and Rachel Kelly, weekdays, 6 to 9am

(From left) Rachel Kelly, Lynlee Foo and Ryan Huang. PHOTO: SPH MEDIA


Get a head start with your workday when you tune in to this show, featuring insightful discussions on the stories and issues that matter. Listeners will also be apprised of the markets and companies to watch – perfect for business owners.

2. Drive Time with Elliott Danker, Timothy Go and Chua Tian Tian, weekdays, 4 to 7pm

(From left) Timothy Go, Elliott Danker and Chua Tian Tian. PHOTO: SPH MEDIA


Stay up to date with the latest movements in the Singapore, European and United States markets, as this team brings you the latest business and topical news. For property investment insights and forex news, look no further than Drive Time.

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