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Hundreds queue for hours in hot sun for BTS Suga's merch

It was a scorching hot day but BTS' Suga is even hotter to his adoring fans. So much so that they waited in the blazing heat for hours to buy his merchandise.

Suga, who was spotted at Changi Airport after arriving from Phuket last week, held his first solo concerts at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 16, 17, and 18. 

Raihanna, a big fan, posted on TikTok on June 16 that she managed to get her hands on some sweet stuff but not before braving the heat.

In the video caption, she said: "Merch queue for Suga is insaneeeee!!! The weather is so humid!!!"

The video showed her and her friends walking away from a long line of Agust D (another name Suga is known by) fans at the venue.

After enduring a five-and-a-half hour queue, she and her friends spent about $1,000 combined on his merchandise, including photocards, official lightsticks, apparels and more, she told AsiaOne.

"The heat and humidity was crazy... A lot of fans who glammed up for the concert, which was on that day, were melting badly," the 22-year-old said. "Those who came after 9am had to queue outside in the scorching sun for at least two hours."

Her 10-second video has amassed over 25,000 views so far.



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Another TikTok user said in the comments that she had been queuing since 8am on the day and was able to "secure the rest of my merch at 1.30pm".

Suga performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 17.PHOTO: BIGHIT MUSIC

They were the lucky ones who got what they wanted.

Others were not so fortunate despite standing in the heat for hours also.


Raihanna said one needs to queue early if they want to get the merchandise for a big artist.

Another user, Revinovitarini, shared on TikTok how long the queue was on Friday. The sped-up video, which went up to about a minute, showed a seemingly endless line.

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