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Singer Jay Chou brought to tears by fan’s words at China concert

Parenthood may have mellowed Taiwanese singer Jay Chou.

The 45-year-old shed tears onstage after a male fan’s heartfelt confession at the superstar’s recent concert in China.

Chou was holding the first of four shows in Fujian province’s Fuzhou on May 16 as part of his Carnival World Tour.

During the song-request segment, he picked a male fan, who said that it was his third time seeing the Mandopop star.

The fan said he first saw Chou in Ximending in Taiwan during the launch of the singer’s Opus 12 (2012) album. The second time was when the singer married model-actress Hannah Quinlivan in England in 2015.

“It was at Castle Howard near York. Do you remember a group of students there?” the fan asked.

Chou paused for a few seconds before asking: “Was it the castle where I got married? I remember there was a group of students outside.”

The fan said he was part of the group and added that he felt Chou was very handsome even though he was straight.

“Everyone here has a different life story, and we came together to listen to Jay Chou’s songs despite our different life journeys,” the fan added. “Over the years, we have seen singers who have faded away, and singers who returned after fading away.

“However, Brother Jay is like the constant star and the sun who is always there. We will try our best to become the stars and shine when listening to your songs.”

Chou broke down in tears a few times while singing Maple Leaf (2005), the song the fan requested.

The singer trended on Chinese social media platform Weibo after the video of the interaction went viral.

“Day One at Fuzhou: I don’t usually shed tears, so I don’t know if it is because I have become a dad,” said Chou on Instagram. He has three children aged two to eight with Quinlivan, 30.

The singer said he would continue to try and be the sun for his fans, asking them in a hashtag to not be so sentimental when they request songs at his concerts in the future.

He is slated to play three concerts from Oct 11 to 13 at the National Stadium in Singapore.

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