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Singer Liu Chia Chang claims ex-wife once hired a call girl for their son

Some eight years after their divorce, Hong Kong songwriter Liu Chia Chang, 83, and his ex-wife, Taiwanese actress Chen Chen, 75, are still bickering in public. 

The couple, who got married in 1978, finalised their divorce in 2015. At the time, Chen admitted that she had actually split up with Liu in 1987 – but hid the truth from the public for the sake of their then-infant son, Jeremy, now 37.

Though living apart, the bad blood between the ex-couple resurfaced on social media recently, with Liu taking to Weibo to criticise Chen for coveting his assets. 

In response, Chen alleged that Liu had once threatened to sabotage Jeremy's singing career when the latter had just entered showbiz. "Are you fit to be a father?" she hit back.

According to 8Days, Liu fired back on Nov 1 with a 4,000-word post on Weibo.

In his post, Liu first apologised for "not handling (his) family matters well" before reprimanding Chen for spoiling their child and depriving him of a proper education. 

Liu said Jeremy went to primary school in Hong Kong and Shanghai for less than a semester each time, before he was sent to the States. However, he eventually returned home because Chen “missed him too much” and “would cry every day” while her son was overseas.

"In the 21st century, there's still a child who's never gone to school and isn't educated. Can anyone believe this?" said Liu. 

He then noted that Chen caused their son to go from bad to worse by financially supporting him on all accounts, pointing out that she would repeatedly splurge on luxury cars for Jeremy, only for him to crash them time and again. 

"I once called Chen in Shanghai and warned her not to buy cars for him anymore. Three days later, she bought him the only Porsche in Shanghai at that time," wrote Liu, adding that Jeremy, true to form, crashed that car soon after.

Jeremy’s alleged list of deviances didn’t end there. 

"When he was 16 and still underage, he went to a bar, got drunk and hit the Pudong police commissioner who was sitting at the next table. He then fled to Shenzhen overnight," recalled Liu. 

Calling his ex-wife the most "shameless mother ever”, who can't tell right from wrong, Liu also claimed she once hired a prostitute for Jeremy when they were in a hotel in Beijing.

"Is that something a mother would do?," he questioned. 

Liu then lamented about how helpless he was as a father. 

"When I reprimanded him, he would clench his fist and want to hit me. It's heartbreaking. I'm not afraid of being beaten up; I was scared of making the news and losing face." 

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