Psst, Ghostbusters is getting a reboot and funny women will be the leads

Who you gonna call for a hilarious Ghostbusters reboot?

The writer of hugely successful comedies Bridesmaids and The Heat.

Yes, director-actor-author Paul Feig has been tapped to script a Ghostbusters movie.



The best part? It will star women. Hilarious women.

So who will play the three leads? No casting announcements have been made but here are our picks.

1. Mindy Kaling

Now the star of her own popular sitcom The Mindy Project, she is constantly referred to as one of the funnier women on TV.

Her character on the sitcom is ditsy (yet bright) and we wouldn't mind seeing that on the big screen.

2. Sandra Bullock 

Bullock has worked with Feig (together with our other pick McCarthy) on one of the funniest comedies last year - The Heat.

You know what they say: Don't fix something that isn't broken. 

3. Melissa McCarthy

McCarthy is funny enough on her own but she truly shines in an ensemble where she gets to play off other characters. And she would fit perfectly with Bullock and Kaling.

Source: Time

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