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5 tips to recreate Song Ji-A’s sultry, doll-like makeup

With her cat-eye makeup, full pout and cherubic features, she’s said to resemble Blackpink’s Jennie. Do you agree?

Chances are you have watched the Korean reality show Single’s Inferno on Netflix, or heard about it by now.

Since YouTuber Song Ji-a rose to greater fame after the show launched, many have started comparing her sultry, girly looks to Blackpink’s Jennie.

In fact, makeup tips to look like Ji-a became a trending topic on Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu.

Here, we’ve rounded up top tips to recreate her flirty, doll-like makeup.

Bushy Brows

Mention bushy brows and you’ll likely think of Western beauty standards and their love for the big, fluffy-looking eyebrows. However, Ji-a combines it with Korean straight brows to give the outdated beauty trend a new lease of life.

Ji-a’s brow makeup emphasises the appearance of dense hairs with a dip at the arch, thereby upgrading the original Korean straight, flat eyebrows while retaining its innocent, youthful appeal.

Cat-eye makeup

Ji-a usually chooses earth tones such as browns and nude beiges to create slightly smoky makeup that makes the eyes look deeper and mysterious. However, she keeps the blending area confined so that the eyeshadow looks neat and crisp.

The important point here is to use eyeshadows to deepen the lower lash line and the corners of the eye, extending them to create a raised cat-eye effect. Finish with eyeliner to create a cat-eye wing following the eyeshadow shape you’ve laid down.

Fluttery, separated eyelashes

From Ji-a’s beauty videos, we can tell that the distinct eyelashes look she sports is not a result of false eyelashes, but is created through the use of mascara.

To achieve that, use a thin tweezer to carefully separate and fan out the lashes after coatings of mascara in a Z-shaped manner. For those of us who aren’t as blessed in the eyelash department, you can use wispy falsies to create the look.

Blown-out blush

Ji-a prefers pinky peachy blushes and applies them all the way from her temples to beneath the inner corners in a wide area encompassing her entire cheek apples. When done judiciously, this blush placement method can make the face look smaller and more youthful.

Full pout

Ji-a’s lips are plump with a wider upper lip. She uses this to her advantage to create a lip look that always appears to be smiling. She does this by first blurring the borders around her lips to shorten the appearance. Then, with a moisturising lipstick or a gloss, extend the application beyond the natural boundaries to create an even fuller-looking pout.

This article first appeared in NUYOU. Translation and additional reporting by Ho Guo Xiong.



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