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Actor Thomas Ong is busy dishing out wanton noodles at food festival

Aiyoh, Thomas Ong is so busy he’s putting off loo breaks.

The actor has joined former MasterChef contestant Aaron Wong to sell wanton noodles at the Singapore Food Festival 2022.

And their stall at the Festival Village at the Bayfront Event Space has been attracting quite a crowd. The event is on till Sunday (Sept 11).

Though the dish is priced rather high at $12, Ong said they have been selling some 300 bowls a day, and expect sales to go up to 500 bowls over the weekend.

Ong, 53, said on Facebook: "Wang Ji Wanton Noodles has been busy from morning to night, with no time to rest or even use the washroom!"

So why wanton noodles?

Ong said that having tasted the dish as prepared by Wong, he couldn’t forget it.

They then went to work on it, for months before the festival, trying various recipes at home and roping in friends to do taste tests.

"Feedback from customers has been good, with many customers liking the smoky flavour in our wanton noodle sauce and finding it unique," Ong told Shin Min Daily News.

Other celebrities such as actors Li Nanxing and Vivian Lai have also turned up to show their support.


But Ong added: "This industry isn't easy. We had to prepare many ingredients by ourselves.”

And of course, running a stall means a lot of work, even after it closes. He said he had been getting home only around 1am.

So how about making it a permanent business?

"It's impossible to make plans now because each bowl of wanton noodles is made with sincerity," Ong said in an Instagram post. "Our operating costs are also very high, so it's not very lucrative."