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Actress Cynthia Koh lands a spot on Greek TV in that 'milk your curves' dress

Cynthia Koh is having the last laugh.

Her va-va-voom Michael Kors dress that she wore to the Asian Academy Creative Awards landed her a TV spot in Greece.

The 47-year-old actress -  whom haters called her a "grandma" - shared on her Instagram story on Thursday (Dec 9) a screengrab of herself on a Greece TV channel that was shared to her by a Greek follower.

According to the follower, the hosts of the Greek news show discussed the hate remarks Koh received. 

The female anchors added they thought Koh looked great in the sexy outfit, and she should not have received such negative comments.

“The universe is really sending me to places. I think I just had an out of the body experience due to this shock!” Koh said.


Last week, Koh hit back at critics who found fault with her revealing dress, saying she was not "dressing her age", with one netizen calling her a "grandmother".

Koh said: "If your grandmother is as hot and sexy and can carry the outfit well. Please wear it!!

Koh added that maintaining her current figure takes a lot of “discipline and commitment”.

She also encouraged all women to “flaunt it” if they have it.

“If you can look classy, still have all the great curves. Don’t hide them. They don’t last forever. Milk it while it last (sic) !!!” 

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