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Actress Linda Chung stoical about her Canada address getting leaked again

HONG KONG – Canada-based actress Linda Chung’s address was leaked by a netizen recently, reported Hong Kong media outlet HK01. Another person had earlier posted photos of her in Vancouver with her three children, mentioning the places she frequented.

Chung, 39, flew to Hong Kong last Saturday to attend a commercial event and was asked by the media about the leaks.

The former TVB actress said she was used to it, as her address in Canada had been leaked before.

She and her husband, chiropractor Jeremy Leung, have two daughters – Kelly, seven, and Anika,10 months – and a son, Jared, five.

“It’s good to have my own privacy as I want to live a simple life,” she said, adding that there were members of the media waiting outside her house even on her wedding day in 2015.

“My house then seemed to be a theme-park attraction and I have seen people driving to my house just to take pictures,” she said.

Chung was in Hong Kong for 1½ days and flew back to Canada on Sunday.

She said her husband would help to take care of the kids when she travelled to Hong Kong, adding that she still likes acting and may return to it after Anika turns two.

But first, she told the media, she will be releasing a new song later in 2023.

Chung got her start as a beauty-pageant queen and is known for her roles in Hong Kong dramas such as the Heart Of Greed series (2007 to 2018), Brother’s Keeper (2013) and Limelight Years (2015).

More recently, she was nominated for her role as a doctor in the medical drama Kids’ Lives Matter (2021) at the TVB Anniversary Awards in 2022.

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