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Dai Xiangyu swops wedding finery with wife on 8th anniversary of nuptials

Chinese actor Dai Xiangyu and his wife stepped into each other’s shoes when they celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in 2024.

Formerly known as Dai Yangtian, Dai tied the knot with Chinese actress Chen Zihan on May 19, 2016. They do not have children.

Dai, a former Mediacorp artiste, is best known in Singapore for his role as Japanese photographer Yousuke Yamamoto in popular local TV series The Little Nyonya (2008 to 2009) and the Chinese remake in 2020. He returned to his home country, China, in 2011 to further his career there.

On May 20, Chen posted on social media a video clip with the caption: “He said he would wear the wedding dress for me once.”

In the clip, the 46-year-old asked Dai, 39, for a gift for their wedding anniversary, before she took him to a bridal shop.

“I wish to take another set of our own wedding photos after eight years,” she told Dai, who thought it was a simple matter.

His wife then told him that she would wear the wedding suit this time, while he would don the wedding dress.

Dai obliged, wearing the dress, complete with veil and tiara. They posed for photos at different locations, with the video ending with the words: “This time, let me wear the wedding dress for you.”

Dai also posted the video on Chinese social media platform Weibo, writing: “I look so ugly.”

He posted a different video of the photo-taking session on China’s Instagram-like Xiaohongshu on May 21, adding this caption: “Doing it again on the eighth wedding anniversary.”